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We support communication activities of companies and businesses from the viewpoint of public relations.

Public relations is an activity to build a relationship (with all stakeholders and partners around you) that represents people's desirable interaction with the society through communication.

In what way, what kind of message, when, and who will build a relationship?
What dialogue, what future is going to be created together?

13xborders contributes to your company and your project to find out the problem you really want to solve, the direction you are heading for and the vision you are facing with.

We will help you on the first step of communication to build a new relationship with the society.



list-button  Establishment of the PR department

list-button  Support of public relations personnel education (OJT (On-the-Job Training) of public relations activities in general )

list-button  Public relations department management & operation

list-button  Public relations department management & operation plus support of public relations personnel education

Based on the basic information of your brand, we will mainly support public relations activities such as press release composition, media relation establishment, influencer marketing, etc. as your responsible person.

list-button  Package

list_button2  Concept planning

list_button2  Message creation

list_button2  PR material production (site, pamphlet)

list-button  Press release production / publish (one)

list-button   PR planning proposal

list-button  Media exposure promotion

list-button  Social media operation

list-button  PR planning operation

We will propose the media selection and produce the contents which are suitable for your business goal. We support your public relations in various ways, including holding events, launching new businesses, producing owned media contents.

We will prepare and publish press releases corresponding to various opportunities such as company information (business partnership, performance report, announcement of seminar event etc., personnel change, company information change, sell-off), business information (Provision of new products / new services, upgrading, authentication / certification acquisition, campaign implementation, service usage performance).

“Basics of marketing and public relations” Taiyo Bijin Enterprise Collaborative ProjectIn this 3-hour seminar, we introduced the definition of marketing and public relations, the essence of the public relations work such as the roles and activities that it carries out, and carefully selected "11 frequently encountered troubles" ("I find it difficult to sell the product / service even though I have confidence in it", "my product lacks personality and faces too much competition", "I want to sell product / service, but I have no idea how to introduce it", "I want to brand my product / service" etc.) from the consultation of our customers. We then introduced solutions from the viewpoint of public relations / marketing. Achievements
    • list-buttonAkita Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • list-buttonMeikai University Marketing Special Lecture

Click here to check the details of the presentation and seminar of Knowledge Commonz





Anytime Project




We will provide a communication platform enabling the transmission of glocal information (released in 2015).

Anytime! Is a communication platform that promotes mutual aid in both daily and emergency situations no matter where in the world.

"Anytime!" helps "create a home all over the world" and create a sense of security.


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2014.2 World Bank World Disaster Prevention / Reduction Hackathon
“Real Time Emergency network for foreigners” Project won the Google Special Prize.
2014.6 Race for Resilience Online Innovation Challenge
“Real Time Emergency network for foreigners” has evolved into “Anytime!” to participate in the competition


2017.03.18 Presented at tentative seminner about "International project & Cross culture management" at S. R. Luthra School of Management in Gujarat, India
2016.01.02 Representative Okamoto participates as a Public Relations Expert in the JICA E-waste reverse logistics improvement ODA project between Brazil and Japan. In SaoPaulo, Brazil, we carried out comprehensive PR to stakeholders and citizens involved in home appliance recycling in this 3 years project.
2015.02.17 Anytime was trial operated at Multilingual Disaster Prevention Project in Kochi Prefecture by Kochi Prefectural University.
2014.06.30 Anytime! won as Finalist at World Online Innovation Challenge by World Bank.

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small-logo Corporate name 13xborders Inc.
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Sayaka Okamoto

Career started with running Top interview series in business weekly magazine in advertising agency and achieved top sales. After assisting the establishment of the public relations/IR department in a venture company and work through the IPO process, I became independent as a free PR consultant. After the career as the Publisher Executive Officer, I established 13xborders Co.,Ltd. in May 2014. Over 14 year experience of comprehensive communication industries such as an advertising, public relations, investor relations and publisher, starting COACH service for executives.



Takahiro Kawahara

Takahiro Kawahara

Following a master in computer science at Kyoto University and a number of years as consultant in Accenture Japan, he was responsible for strategy and technology as director in travel company in London. In 2016 he founded travel tech startup, Planna, Inc. in US and he start contributing to High-Tech innovation for Japanese companies at Altitude, Inc in Japan and US. Since 2015 he is a director in charge of strategy at 13xborders.